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Leasing & Property Management Fees 

Phoenix Arizona

At Guardian Realty and Management our fees are consistent with our level of expertise and experience. We are unique within our industry in that our clients are not charged ambiguous, hidden fees and there is a never a mark up on labor and material necessary to maintain their homes.

Check out our suggested fee schedule below, and contact us with any questions. 

House Icon Engaging Guardian for Leasing and Property Management Services


7% of the gross amount for which the lease is written. $500.00 minimum commission.

Property Management

9% of the established monthly rental rate or $75.00 per month, whichever is greater.


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 Engaging Guardian for Leasing Services Only

The leasing commission equals one month’s rent with a minimum commission payable of $500.00.


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 Engaging Guardian for Property Management Services Only

The management commission is 10% of the established monthly rental rate and is payable on the first of the month. The minimum property management fee charged is $75.00 per month.

During the vacancy period between tenants, management fees discontinue and a vacancy service fee of $75.00 per month is charged. The vacancy fee is prorated to the date of tenant occupancy.


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